Maslenitsa Celebration Concert – Русская Масленица в Лондоне!

Maslenitsa Celebration Concert - Русская Масленица в Лондоне!

Автор Russian Children World
Date(s) - 16/02/2018
19:30 - 21:30

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Десятый фестиваль Масленица в Лондоне  отпразднуем все вместе грандиозным концертом в Cadogan Hall. В пятницу 16 февраля приходите всей семьёй – вас ждут танцы, песни, представление и отличная развлекательная программа в традиционном русском стиле!

Festival Maslenitsa – Russian Week in London is celebrating its 10th anniversary! Maslenitsa is a well-loved spring festival marking the end of the winter, and the concert is the culmination of a vibrant week of activities across the capital. The concert at Cadogan Hall will be a focal point of the Maslenitsa week.

The programme will feature a wide range of dance and music from classical and folk to crossover, performed by Russian artists and groups visiting specially for the occasion and their London-based colleagues. Together they will showcase traditional and contemporary Russian arts through music, song and dance, providing a unique and entertaining evening for everyone who loves Russian culture and for those who are still discovering the country’s rich heritage.


Happy Maslenitsa!

Russian Maslenitsa in London Лондон
Cadogan Hall
Лондон SW1X 9DQ
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