Слушая Бетховена: мультфильмы Гарри Бардина на Russian Film Week

Слушая Бетховена: мультфильмы Гарри Бардина на Russian Film Week

Автор russianfilmweek
Date(s) - 25/11/2017
14:00 - 15:00

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В ноябре в рамках Недели Русского Кино (Russian Film Week) гостям фестиваля будут представлены шедевры анимации Гарри Бардина. В программе, рассчитанной на зрителей всех возрастов, собраны как работы последних лет, так и всемирно известная классика анимации.

Гарри Бардин – известный советский и российский аниматор. Лауреат Каннского фестиваля за лучший короткометражный мультфильм («Выкрутасы»). Четырехкратный обладатель премии «Ника» за анимационные проекты «Чуча», «Чуча 3», «Адажио», «Серый волк энд Красная шапочка». Заслуженный деятель культуры России.

Programme (in Russian with English subtitles)

Animation / Russia / 10 min
As a truly ambitious director of the present day, Garry Bardin possesses the ability to create handmade “symphonies of hope” out of thin air — quite literally. “Listening to Beethoven” is direct evidence of that. The main happiness in life is freedom. The film is the story of its suppression. But all efforts are in vain, and in the end freedom triumphs.
ADAGIO, 2000
Animation / Russia / 10 min
An animation film made using paper origami figures. A parable telling us that no man is a prophet in his own land. The humankind is blind: it is capable of rejecting a messiah, and only after his death – to follow his covenants, and then to make the same mistakes again and again… Gold Award of the New York Expo of Short Films, Grand Prix of the festival “Window to Europe” in Vyborg, Grand Prix of the festival “Stalker,” Nika Award, etc.
Animation / Russia / 18 min
Three melodies are three stories. The first melody is a story about young lovers obsessed with their feelings, which comes with Massenet’s “Elegy.” The second story represents Louis Armstrong’s great song “Let My People Go.” The third story is a philosophical parable about life, combined with the “Introduction” and “Rondo capriccioso” of Saint- Saëns.
Animation / Russia / 8 min
An allegorical anti-war story about matches that weren’t able to share a box. The quarrel between the matches with blue heads and the ones with green heads flared up because of nonsense – because of the colour, and ended, on the scale of matches, with geopolitics and a nuclear war. The film was very popular, although Bardin had several problems: at the beginning of 1980s, the USSR State Cinema Committee considered this symbolic film too pacifist. Bardin saw the plot of the film in a dream.
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