Chelsea Young Writers: Серия однодневных и многодневных вокршопов по креативному письму (8-12 лет)

Chelsea Young Writers: Серия однодневных и многодневных вокршопов по креативному письму (8-12 лет)

Автор Chelsea Young Writers
Date(s) - 12/02/2018 - 16/02/2018
All Day

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Серия воркшопов по креативному письму и ораторскому искусству от Chelsea Young Writers

Creative writing workshops for children designed and delivered by acclaimed children’s authors and creative writing tutors. We are based in Central & South West London. Reserve your place now!

Are you looking for an educational, fun holiday camp or holiday activity for your children? Then what better way to keep your child inspired over the holidays than through a creative writing workshop? Holiday workshops are held throughout the year, during all half-term breaks and in the Christmas, Easter, Summer holidays.

Our course and workshop programme is designed to stimulate children’s creative thinking and improve their creative writing skills in a fun and entertaining way.  Our holiday workshops are small in size (8 children per group for courses, max 12  children per group for one-day workshops) and always about having fun and exploring new ideas, whilst developing creative skills.

Please see below the variety of workshops and courses that we have on offer. The session options are versatile, with something to suit every taste.

12th-16th February
One-day Workshops (8-12 Yrs)

  • 12th February: Future World

When you wake one morning after a strange dream you open the curtains to discover that while you’ve been in a deep sleep your world has changed beyond all recognition. It’s as if you’ve been asleep for hundreds of years. But that just isn’t possible. Is it?
Join us on an epic science fiction mystery adventure where you must save the world as you knew it. Ages 8-12 years.

  • 13th February: The Ghost Train Mystery

Climb aboard the creepiest ghost train in the land as we create ghoulish characters and construct spine-tingling plots that will be sure to have your hair standing on end. Ages 8-12 years.

  • 14th February: The Craziest Camping Trip

Summer’s here and you’re off on a camping trip in the country with a bunch of friends and a bag full of snacks. You’ve been dreaming of this for weeks – marshmallows heated over a fire, hot chocolate, sizzling barbecues and paddling in the river, you can hardly wait. But you soon find out that pitching a tent is not an easy thing to do at all. Ages 8-12 years.

  • 15th February: Crime Stopper

Join us and create a first-rate detective story with devilishly difficult clues and a cunning twist in the tale which will leave your readers marvelling at your utter genius. Ages 8-12 years.

  • 16th February: Ski-School

Pack your spy gadgets and your skis and head off to some snowy peaks for a thrilling spy adventure of a lifetime. Ages 8-12 years.