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Mr Marvel and Marvella have been bringing magic into children’s lives for three decades and now demand far exceeds supply.  With magic, Punch & Judy, the live rabbit, disco, snow and bubble machines all included as standard, the format and excellence of a Mr Marvel show can be relied upon. We will provide a party for your child that they will remember with excitement and nostalgia for years to come.
Mr Marvel started in 1987, performing basic magic shows for friends and family in the North London area. After the inclusion of the Punch and Judy show and Benjy Bunny (a live rabbit) the good word of Mr Marvel began to spread. A major event in the Mr Marvel history came with the addition of the mini disco, including flashing lights, bubble and snow machines.  Parents could now give the whole party over to Mr Marvel and make it completely stress free!
Over the next few years Mr Marvel spread to Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Kent…. and within only a few short years Mr Marvel was performing all over the South East with demand still outstripping supply, leaving many parents and children disappointed…There was only one thing to do. Produce more Mr Marvels and Marvellas – all trained to the same very high standard and carrying exactly the same equipment!
The good name of Mr Marvel continues to spread and children of more and more counties get to experience the Mr Marvel Magical Fun Show.

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