Автор Chelsea Young Writers
Date(s) - 23/09/2017 - 09/12/2017
10:00 - 12:00

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Дорогие друзья!

Этой осенью начнут работу новые субботние клубы от CHELSEA YOUNG WRITERS. Мы уже не первый год занимаемся развитием творческих способностей у детей и постоянно разрабатываем новые интересные программы. В этом году осенью мы запускаем сразу пять обновлённых программ в нескольких локациях

Chelsea (The Hampshire School): My First Story & Master Your CW
Marylebone (St Marylebone’s School): My First Story & 11 Plus​
Richmond (King’s House School): My First Story, Master Your CW & 11 Plus
Swiss Cottage (SC Community Centre): My First Story & 11 Plus
+ Notting Hill (St John’s Church): My First Story, Write & Revise & 11 Plus

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At our Saturday Club, we have four different courses designed to encourage creativity and confidence in writing developed in response to the varying goals of the children attending Chelsea Young Writers.

In ‘My First Story’ workshops, our youngest writers (aged 6-7) get to grips with understanding what makes a story a great story by using well loved tales – from ‘The Gruffalo’ to the ‘Town Mouse and the Country Mouse’ – to identify plot structure, exciting description and the ‘moral’ of the story.  This engaging course uses a varied range of learning styles in order to build confidence and independence in sentence structure, connectives, plot and descriptive writing.  Given the age of these young writers, ‘My First Story’ kids use aural storytelling and visual aids to help create their own written stories in a way which is interactive and playful as well as constructive.

Our ‘Master Your Creative Writing’ course looks to level up the skills of children who already have a good grasp of basic story telling. We’ll be looking at creating a story from start to finish – coming up with and developing ideas, planning, considering point of view, creating characters and settings, structuring plot and narrative, experimenting with style, perfecting dialogue and exploring endings. This course will benefit  keen or reluctant readers and writers who will then apply their gained skills in writing for pleasure and challenging creative writing tasks in exam papers.

In our ‘Editing – Write and Revise’ club, our writers analyse extracts from novels and proofread incomplete texts in order to understand how the story-telling greats captivate their readers, and how to look for mistakes in order to revise work. They then go on to apply their skills in their own stories, which includes coming up with original tale and self-reflecting and critiquing in order to be able to write with both accuracy and flair.

We prepare the children for their 11-plus English entrance examinations into secondary  independent and grammar schools. These courses offer a chance to experience exam conditions — and diffuse nerves — in preparation for the real thing. With attention paid to both the comprehension and creative writing sections, the children benefit from expert guidance from an 11 Plus tutor in an environment which is as creative as it is studious.

Choose your local Chelsea Young Writers Saturday Club from the ones currently available.

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